Applied Ballardianism | Ballardismo Applicato

Nero have just published an excellent essay by the one and only, the goth I wish I was, Enrico Monacelli, going over an old hellthread I documented on the blog about the intersections and tensions between art and politics and introducing the new Italian translation of Simon Sellars’ Applied Ballardianism — or, as they’ve translated it, Ballardismo Applicato.

Monacelli has created “an illustrative pamphlet” to aid any misadventurers wishing “to establish first contact with the profound logic of Ballardianism.” As ever, even via Google Translate, it’s an awesome read.

Whether you’re already familiar with Simon Sellars’ book or new to the cult, let Enrico be your guide.

I will not spoil the thrill of initiation, but I will give you grips that will facilitate your descent.

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