XG on BrontëBlog

This one passed me by…

What remains one of my own personal favourite posts on this blog, “Lovers’ Flight”, got a very minor (if nonetheless hugely validating — for me, anyway) nod over on BrontëBlog way back in 2018.

It seems it has only just led someone to XG and shown up in my “referrer” analytics… Regardless, I’m glad to have it brought to my attention late than never. They seem like a great resource for Brontë nerds which I would count myself somewhat quietly as.

I mean, my excitement over this a few months back perhaps says it all — I own too many editions of that book:

When I get Egress out the way — and I have some very exciting news to share about that in the not-so-distant future — “Lover’s Flight” is the first thing I’m returning to.

It still feels like the perfect starting point for a book on patchwork and the fragmentary British Gothic.

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