New Single from William Doyle, “Nobody Else Will Tell You”

“Nobody Else Will Tell You” is the new single from William Doyle and it is out today!

It’s the latest sonic slice from Will’s project, Your Wilderness Revisited (previously blogged about) which I’ve been taking the photos for over the last ~3 years.

We went back to Will’s hometown for what may have been our final shoot the other week — the album is rapidly incoming — and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it. It is a truly beautiful thing.

Only one photo from the latest shoot is currently out in the world — Will’s new press shot (see below).

Here’s some choice cuts from the press release, shared by The Quietus:

“Both this track and the album in general explore the theme of the suburban environment,” says a press release, “inspired by William’s experience of having grown up in that world and how he eventually saw beyond its ordinary stereotypes, to something that was illuminating and inspirational.”

Speaking about the track, Doyle says: “Nobody Else Will Tell You became about the exploration of your residential surroundings and affording them the same kind of curiosity and wonder that a woodland or a mountain range is meant to inspire within you. People are very accustomed and attracted to this idea of ‘finding yourself’ in nature, but I feel that I found myself just as easily in winding avenues and front gardens. If we were more in touch with the psychedelic possibility of what we are constantly told is banal or mundane, we’d have greater respect for it and ourselves.”

More soon!


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