“Obelisk” T-Shirt (and Other Supporter Info)

“Obelisk” T-Shirt — Now Available from Teespring!

This t-shirt has been around for a while now, and a couple have been sold, but it felt like something I shouldn’t promote properly until I can vouch for it myself. The ease with which you can produce stuff on Teespring was very exciting when I first got an account on there but, after letting it fall quiet and later pulling some products, I wanting to build on it much more slowly and considerately instead.

As has been lingering in the background of this blog over the past month, I’m trying to explore some others way that people can support this blog if they so choose, because I’m unfortunately struggling financially at the moment and so I’m looking for ways in which para-academia can, at least partially, help pay the rent.

I’m not a fan of Patreon because hiding content behind a paywall isn’t really my vibe and a large part of blogging’s attraction for me is its openness, so I’d rather make things for people to own and use that as a way in which people can also support everything else I do.

So, after the success of the back patches (and there are still a couple of those left) I wanted to try something a little less obviously branded.

Presenting: the “Obelisk” t-shirt — also known as the “Horse Monument” t-shirt.

The picture on the front of this t-shirt is a black and negative analogue photograph by me of a monument hidden in some woods in Cornwall that was apparently built to honour a horse. It is hilarious and creepy in equal measure — a photograph with considerable xenogothic energy, I think.

Unfortunately, after making this, it dawned on me that, given my own limited resources, if I want to show off wearable merch, I’m gonna have to model it myself, and that sounds cringe as fuck. I’ve attempted this a few times but each time just trashes my self-esteem. These photos aren’t so bad.

I’ve been wearing this around for about two months now and it is maybe one of the most comfortable t-shirts I own as well as seeming really durable after already going through a few washes. Also, the alternate logo on the back of the collar is nice and more subtle than the main one that featured on the back patches and blog more generally.

So, having uploaded this to Teespring, I’m now really happy to able to vouch for this t-shirt in terms of quality, etc. Go give it a look!

On the topic of blog support, if you’d like to support this blog in other ways and have suggestions, these would be really appreciated. I’m interested in maybe revisiting Patreon and using it as a platform for alternative activities — not writing, but perhaps using it to provide access to some other kinds of streams, maybe reading groups or group crit / editing sessions for brainstorming and thinking about ideas, tips on blogging stuff and productibility, things like that.

If this is something that you’d be interested in, drop me a comment here or on Twitter and we’ll see what might interest the most people. For now, do check out the Teespring here.

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