The Micropolitics of Departure

Ultimately, everything concerns the micropolitics of Departure. The micropolitics of departures and disappearances across thresholds of existence — thresholds of waking, of becoming-active. Art is hopelessly mis-constructed unless it is understood as providing outsights toward the escape-path, the second sphere of action, the body without organs, and the ongoing disaster within the human world — but, of course, most crucially, the escape-path. All of these outsights are toward the transcendental-empirical, but the question of the primary focus is vital: if attention is turned toward the human disaster then there is a danger of entrapment either within the ‘tragic,’ or the ‘gothic.’

I really like Justin Barton’s blog scanshifts and, for some time now, he has been using it to serialise his new book (following 2015’s brilliant Hidden Valleys).

This post, in particular, was pointed out by Robin the other day, articulating the intention (and warning) behind Xenogothic even better than I could.

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