Beacons Festival (2012-2014)

As I continue to trawl my old blog archives for projects and old portfolio stuff I still like, here’s some photos taken over three years between 2012 and 2014 when I went to Beacons Festival, outside Skipton in North Yorkshire with some old school friends.

Not far from where I was living in Hull at the time, it became our annual summer adventure. I’d take an old film camera with me each time and shoot roll after roll of film. The atmosphere was great and it was the nicest festival to document.

I took pictures just for fun the first two years but they ended up getting around a bit. In 2014 I was invited to be the official photographer for the festival with a load of my pictures being used in adverts all over the country. The compensation for this was near-criminal in hindsight and I think they might have chosen my stuff because they thought it would be a bargain so, unfortunately, fuck them but, ya’know, big career moment! They also found their way onto The Quietus in 2013 and 2014.

Here’s some of my favourite pictures from those three years in the Yorkshire Dales.

Bonus round: Here’s just a few places where the pictures ended up (mostly in and around Leeds.)


    1. I’ve had many blog before this one! But they were generally all diaristic and photography heavy. not much to look back on except for being sentimental. the stuff that’s still good will most likely find its way here eventually.

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