I Made A Tiny Friend

UPDATE: Some robin facts shared by Urbanomic:

It is in England’s island ecosystem alone that robins became tame garden birds prone to accompanying humans. This occurred when deforestation and the hunting to extinction of wild boar stripped them of their previous tendency, in their natural habitat, to follow boars, waiting for them to turn up the earth and excavate worms and grubs with their foraging. Instead they adapted to be around humans instead, particularly in gardens where humans fulfilled the same function ie turning over the earth for them.

In a striking presentiment of the affinity between pigs and humans revealed by the destiny of the robin, in Norse mythology the singular rooting function of the boar’s terminal snout disk allowed It to initiate mankind into agriculture — it provided the model for ploughing.

Why do I get a strong feeling that Robin identifies with robins?

What you mistake for companionship is mere avian opportunism in the face of capitalist deracination. You’re an ersatz boar. [1] And the robin vector is the index of boar’s anticipative status as protoplough. [2]

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