A Xenogothic Audio Reader

So Justin slid into my DMs earlier today with a belated Christmas present that certainly caught me by surprise. He has created a short Xenogothic reader of three of my popular posts: “Patchwork 101“, “Fragment on the Event of ‘Unconditional Acceleration’” and my Krisis essay, “Acid Communism“.

Clocking in at 17 minutes, the reader is a strangely listenable — I imagine, the experience of hearing a robolady read my writing back to me is a bit too surreal for my own pleasure — text-to-speech “audiobook” of some of what I got up to in 2018.

Here’s what Justin had to say:

Hey dude, I made you a Christmas present. Amazon Polly is the best text-to-speech algo out right now, and it’s getting really close to human quality…

Not quite there, but probably noticeably better than the last time you heard some automated speech, and despite its imperfections it is quite listenable I think…

So I spent way too much time figuring out a workable script to turn large texts into “audiobooks” with pauses between sentences and longer pauses between paragraphs and I did finally figure it out…

So I churned out some “audiobooks” for internet writer friends….

I present to you, “A Xenogothic Audio Reader.”

Download available via SoundCloud.

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