WyrdPatchwork #2: Patchwork Genealogies

You lonely of today, you withdrawing ones, one day you shall be a people: from you who have chosen yourself a chosen people shall grow — and from them the overhuman.

I was gutted to miss the second #WyrdPatchwork livestream on account of being on holiday the other month and I’ve only just gotten round to catching up.

The first session, which I was involved with, jumped right in at the deep end, showing us some of the many directions that patchwork thinking has been taken over the last 12 months — and many of these directions were wonderfully distinct from each other.

I’ve been working my way through this 6-hour(?!?!) video very gradually over the last few weeks and what I have been struck by is just how brilliantly genealogical this second session is. The vast divergences of the first session may have seemed random to the uninitiated but here I think the dots are joined brilliantly.

Go give it a listen.

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