A Further Note on Emotional Labour & Woke Capital

@ParallaxOptics didn’t like my previous post, which made reference to their interview with the @WokeCapital Twitter account, declaring:

This is pretty weak. If you write something more substantial @WokeCapital might be tempted into responding… [1]

I don’t think there is anything substantial to be said — that was sort of the point — and I’m definitely not interested in a back-and-forth. That would be very tedious.

That being said, a clarification on what I think is the central point of that post: capitalists are as upset about capital’s promiscuity as anticapitalists are. 

@ParallaxOptics offered up a summary of their own position that was supposedly contrary to this statement:

Capitalists dislike the caging of capital via regulatory threat / favour by the State.

R/acc wants to see the Alien Virus, auto-catallactic GodHead formation process, reach completion. [2]

To be clear, and to frame the point more clearly in these terms, it seems to me like both capitalists and anticapitalists wish capital would stop paying attention to the wrong stuff.

Anticapitalists — more specifically understood as, for example, people critical of homocapitalism, as was discussed last time — wish capital would stop coopting their politics to sell flags, reducing their desire for radical social change and new freedoms to an opportunistic PR stunt. Capitalists, on the other hand, wish capital would stop slowing itself down through the coopting of leftist politics and just get on with deterritorialising itself and us along with it.

Both dislike capital’s promiscuity.

For further reference and clarification, I think my argument of that last post should be read as having an explicitly U/Acc undercurrent. I am personally very sympathetic to a queer politics that wants an exit from state subjection (perhaps like capital itself, a la G/Acc) and so a distaste for a right-wing “hey hey look at me!” is probably very predictable. Whatever.

You can call it what you want: all a concept of “Woke Capital” has done is confirm that the “other side” of the political divide is also soiling itself over capital’s adulterations. If it has taken this long for you to realise that that is what is happening — that, even if you imagine yourself as Master on the scale of master-slave morality, capital still looms over you — you’re very late to what is, by the numbers, a historically leftist party.

Capital only cares what you want if it can grow from it. It is defined by its own self-interest. Complaining that it doesn’t care about your politics is just embarrassing.

That is not making yourself worthy of the process.


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