Patchwork is Not a Model (Part 5)

One extra thing I came across on Facebook — really not a fan of Facebook: the only way I can tell conversations are going on over there is WordPress tells me I get click referrals and then I have to manually search for stuff, it feels so privatised and lacks transparency, which feels very much antithetical to why so many of us write blogs in the first place.

Not that I hold it against anyone for using it — I only recently stopped because it just gives me anxiety at this point — but do excuse me if I occasionally dip in to see what people are saying over there and take liberties by transplanting some of the conversations I come across back onto the blog.

Today, I found some comments by Renan Porto, who graciously translated by “Acid Communism” essay a few weeks back. He writes:

Considerando que patchworks não são um modelo dado de organização das relações de poder, mas a proposta de pensar outras geometrias dessa organização que não sejam mais o modelo piramidal do Estado-nação, o que vcs pensam sobre a possibilidade de patchworks diante dessa falência braba da democracia?

Facebook’s auto-translator seemed to do a fairly good job with this first paragraph — the rest: not so much — and I agree with it absolutely. I think this is precisely in line with the earlier post from today.

Considering that patchworks are not a model of organization of power relations, but the proposal to think other geometries of this organization that are no longer the pyramidal model of the nation state, what do you think about the possibility of patchworks in front of this mad bankruptcy of Democracy?

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