A New Look

Yes, as you may have noticed, I’ve got a new look.

I’m planning a big visual overhaul of the blog over the coming weeks so it looks smart in some nice new clothes for its first birthday. A massive shout-out to Matthew Fall McKenzie who has designed this logo for me. The man’s a genius. Hire him for all your aesthetic needs. You can find him here, here and here.

I’m hoping that I’ll soon be rolling out some limited amounts of merchandise using Matt’s designs and some of my own photographs (yet to be taken). I haven’t put any money into this blogging venture so far, but this is becoming harder and harder as I get bigger and bigger ideas. For example, the feedback for Xenogothic Radio has so far been amazing and I’ve got four new episodes baking in the oven, but I’m already quite embarrassed by the quality of my vocal recording on the first two.

So, for the sake of not-for-profit transparency, this new look and first sidestep into merchandising is so that I might be able to pay for some new equipment without stressing myself out too much. I don’t have a whole lot of disposable income.

I won’t be doing merch often, but whenever I do unleash something for buying, rest assured that it’s to make this blog a bigger and better place to hang out.

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