The Xenogothic Shop

I am feeling like a hypocrite as I start to consolidate everything else I do under the banner of this blog. My fragmented identity may not remained that fragmented much longer.

Everything I used to do besides writing has simply fallen by the wayside, ignored and neglected, over the last twelve months.

It feels like it’s time to fold everything in together. The radio show as reignited an old passion but there’s plenty more besides that one.

So, you can now visit the Xenogothic shop over on BigCartel. It’s not much right now but, if people like it, I might build it up.

All that is there so far are some zines I made years back which I’ve continued to lug around with me but barely put any effort into selling. They’re odd little things: quick projects that just fell together in physical form. (This is stuff I already have sat in a cupboard at home so no pressure.)

I might put some prints up there at some point…

I’d also like to make some other stuff too: branded merch — badges, tea towels, stickers, maybe t-shirts or some other stuff. Mixtapes? Maybe a patchwork reader…? All just for fun. Very limited runs of things designed using photographs and a new blog logo…

This is never going to be a major free market enterprise but it might be one way of funding a website upgrade and making things better to navigate.

If you have an opinion of this either way, I’ve set up a Twitter poll. I’d be very interested to know what people’s honest reactions to this are and if it’s something that is at all worth doing.


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