Deep Assignment #5

Last night, after our descent into the Cornish jungle in search of a mysterious obelisk, Robin and I watched Blood on Satan’s Claw.

Neither of us knew about the film but we found it resonating with our day exploring village enclosures and abandoned churches in the deep countryside.

In the film, a mysterious band of children take over an abandoned church in feudal Britain, in which they conduct their Satanic rituals and sacrifices. The church we found had not been cleared for any such activities (although the graveyard outside was remarkably well maintained). There was a sense that if the trees and brambles growing up beyond where the roof once was were removed, the entire structure might collapse.




Today, looking for an example of one of the church scenes on YouTube, I instead stumbled across an excerpt from a documentary which revisits the church in the film as it is today, further resonating with our activities and conversations this week…

The harvesting of skin aside…

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