The Year in Review: A 2017 Xenogothic Table of Contents

This post has been written way after 2017 has come to an end and been subsequently backdated.

I didn’t make one of these posts initially because I was still finding my feet at this point in this blog’s development. Also, compared to the nauseating productivity of 2018, it didn’t feel like a necessary exercise to carry out for readers’ benefit.

However, I wrote and did some stuff in 2017 that I remain proud of so here’s a short breakdown of this blog’s first three months of existence by topic that should make things more navigable for blog spelunkers.

First Things First…

Some vague admin — blog introductions and plans and stuff like that.

Mental Health

K-Punk & Acid Communism

Art & Photography

Various writing about various exhibitions visits and art encounters had through the course of the year.


Tales and stories and embellished diary entries.

Neologisms & Wordplay

Film & Television

Music & Mixes



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