Glossary #001: Disenvowel

Disenvowel /ˌdɪsɪmˈvaʊəl,ˌdɪsɛmˈvaʊəl/
(AQ = 218)

Verb. A process of xenophonetics: to render a word phonetically guttural.

The voice is as much a marker for the subject as the face, but it is far more open to interference from the Outside.

Processes of disenvoweling are varied, relating to the effect of the Outside on both the voice and written language. The implications are significant – for the Outside to open the written word is for it to smuggle itself into the very base of human culture; to open the voice is for it to smuggle itself into politics.

As Nick Land writes in The Dark Enlightenment:

‘Voice’ is democracy itself, in its historically dominant, Rousseauistic strain. It models the state as a representation of popular will, and making oneself heard means more politics.

So much of modern politics consists of repeated disavowals. Neoliberal responsibility slips all too readily. To disenvowel has the potential to counteract such a policy. To lose your voice is a horrifying experience. It is just as violent than the other act which it is phonetically similar to. To disembowel concerns the body but to disenvowel concerns the soul. Invoke it at your peril.

13 18 28 14 23 31 24 32 14 21
218 [13+18+28+14+23+31+24+32+14+21]
11 [2+1+8]
2 [1+1]

AQ Equivalences: “After the law”; “Anonymous”; “Neoreaction”; “Ueber-Troll”

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