Your Wilderness Revisited

A huge thank you to everyone who came to Your Wilderness Revisited at Red Gallery last Saturday (June 24th). It was the first outing of the project brilliantly hosted by the East End Film Festival and we had an absolute blast. I think we surprised ourselves in how much we managed to pull off with our time and budget and it has energised us for future shows. I exhibited some of my photographs taken over the last 18 or so months, Sapphire shared projections of her video work and live-edited visuals whilst Will performed songs from his new album. We also each gave a short speech to contextualise the project for those present.

The momentum this night has given us is wonderful and just what we needed so watch this space for more outings and iterations and, eventually, of course, Will’s album.

Big thank you to Fiona Fletcher, Andrew Simpson, Andy Inglis, Ryan MacPhail for helping with the install on the day, Katie Lionheart for helping me hang prints and taking some of the photos above, Tom Railton for making the boards (in an nice – if unintended and surreal — flashback to my degree show), all the folks at The Quietus for their support in the run-up, and also to Adriana Kytkova for taking the fantastic pictures below.