Humber Street Sesh 2016

I had an amazing day on Saturday for the 5th annual Humber Street Sesh. Probably the biggest and best Sesh yet. It’s the one day of the year that pretty much everyone you know and have ever known in Hull is in the same place and that makes for a brilliant atmosphere. That’s even before you consider the 12 hours of the best booze and music Hull has to offer. I only photographed my highlights for fun but I say that knowing how much other stuff I missed out on on the day. I had a strange sense of city pride and irritation over how difficult it was to see everything I wanted to.

It was also probably for the best I didn’t apply for a photo pass this year. A serious case of mid-evening dehydrated melt-brain meant I underexposed most of the pictures I took of La Bête Blooms set — the one set I really wanted to get… — but I think some of them came out cool nonetheless. I’m extra gutted because it was possibly the best set I’ve seen them play, and that’s extra impressive considering how hard I saw Dan and John working on the day (and not to mention the lead-up) behind the scenes.

The Hubbards also brought beautiful vibes. I was gutted they clashed with La Bete Blooms but the back half of their set that I did see was perfection, just after the sun had set. The love this city has for both bands is palpable.

Also huge shout out to Lumer. They were the first band I saw on the day and did not disappoint. I can’t recommend them enough. Both times I’ve seen them play I’ve felt like I was watching Sleep fronted by Aaron Dilloway or something. Cannot put my finger on what excites me about them but their vibe is the darkest I’ve heard come out of Hull in a very long time – dark beyond their years and, unfortunately at this stage, most indie blogger’s frame of reference. I cannot wait to see what they do in the future.

Hats off to Mak for nailing it for yet another year and here’s to Humber Street Sesh 2017!