Picture Wizard

They’re finally here!

The first of these photographic annuals was first published in early 2014. A sequence of the best of all the previous year’s diaristic images and visual notes that had appeared on my blog, it was named Picture Wizard after a brand of LG printing / image calibration software that I aspired to embody the idea of…

Unfortunately, various technical hiccups – basically just Blurb removing the printing option the first edition was made to fit – meant that these books didn’t come out when they were supposed to (i.e. annually) but they’re here now.

Picture Wizard #03, the final book in the trilogy, will be available very soon. Watch this space.

Each book is a full colour 8 by 5 inch pocket book with a soft cover designed by the magical Marta Dos Santos.

They are available to buy via Blurb here and here.