Hallowe’en Mix 2013

Hallowe’en is a while away yet, but I’m not very patient. Hopefully this should help you get in the mood in the coming weeks.

This mix is a couple of months in the making. A couple of years in the making, really. I think atmospheric, spooky mixes are my favourite part of Hallowe’en. I must have dozens around the house that I’ve been sent by people over the years. A lot of my own mixes died with old blogs I think so this is a collection of Hallowe’en favourites old and new. So many tunes left on the scrapheap.

No, it doesn’t include Ghost Town. Kode9 version was on the shortlist but didn’t make it. Miley Cyrus made it somehow. I don’t know why. It’s a Hallowe’en mix: it’s got to have a few curveballs…

I’m gonna make a short run of mixtapes (yes, real cassette ones) too. If you want to do a mix swap drop me an email with your address. You’ve gotta send me one too though! If that doesn’t happen, I’ll do a run of 25 unique tapes and start selling them through my website.

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