Outtakes from First Uni Project (Sara)

I can’t even remember what my first project was about last year. Something to do with perceptions of anxiety and visualing depersonalization. We’d all watched David Lynch’s INLAND EMPIRE and there is a scene where Laura Dern is walking towards camera like a woman possessed, a spotlight on her face blowing out the features and making her look panicked and terrifying. We spent a couple of cold nights experimenting with that, using a car’s headlights as an intense light source and creating strange images.

The project went down really well. Although I didn’t quite better that grade for the rest of the year, much to my frustration. I’d only used photos of Mike in the end for continuity and because they (technically) came out the best, but I liked a lot of the ones of Sara in their own right so I scanned about half of them in uni today.

The rest will come later.

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