And so it begins …

I live for music… I love to create music. So far, I’ve not had much success and apart from the odd Microphones cover I’ve not created anything that good or original.

In two or three weeks time I break up from school and my compulsory education ends. I have a long summer ahead of me, and during that summer I plan to be as creative as possible. Taking photographs, making music, etc.

Bradford Cox, solo artist (Atlas Sound) and frontman of Deerhunter, runs a very successful blog that I have fallen head over heels in love with it. It’s amazing, and the music he posts there that he creates in his free time is equally incredible. I plan to do something quite similar. This blog is a documentation of my musical progression, and a place to post anything I create that I feel is worth sharing — for free, of course.

[Dead link to zip file of old songs]

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